A Cleaner and Densifier that Improves the Performance of Your Concrete with Each Use

Essential Industries has added a cutting edge concrete cleaner and densifier to their Concrete Floor Care line. Centurion is superior to the competition and can be used in conjunction with Pantheon Concrete Sealer.
Prep with Centurion Use Centurion to prep and strengthen your concrete floor prior to applying Pantheon. Centurion makes this normally expensive, unpleasant, time-consuming task easier and more cost-effective than ever.
Seal with Pantheon Once the floor is clean and dry it’s time to apply the coating. Pantheon Concrete Sealer provides excellent scuff, scratch, soil, stain and chemical resistance to your indoor concrete floors.
Maintain with Centurion Once your concrete floor has cured, using our daily and weekly maintenance procedure featuring Centurion will increase durability and cleanliness with each use.

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