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With Sport Kote PC it takes 2 people just 5 hours to recoat a floor. Only 5 hours and you can MOVE ON to your next job!

Your floors can be completed ANYTIME and recoated when it's CONVENIENT to your schedule.

This means you're not paying for costly overtime and your employees can enjoy time off during normal holidays and breaks.

"We are finding a huge savings of time, money and labor because we don’t have to sand our floors, clean or vacuum and tack our floors between coats, which is very time consuming. We are able to re-coat within an hour and use the floor within 24-48 hours..."

Rick Benham
Vice President Facilities and Properties
YMCA of Greater Rochester - Rochester, NY

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    Click the thumbnails below to view PDFs of the Sport Kote PC Brochure for Contractors and Support Products flyer.

    Sport Kote PC brochure for Contractors

    Sport Kote PC support products flyer

    Sport Kote PC - 128SF
    Water-Based Urethane Wood Finish

    This TOP PICK is known for its fast dry time. All you need is:

    • 2 people
    • 5 hours (for 2 coats)
    • And, MOVE ON to your next job!

    Polycarbonate technology takes this product to the next level with big gains in:

    • Scratch and scuff resistance
    • Durability
    • Depth of gloss
    • Gloss longevity

    Citrus Scrub 'N Shine - 525FR
    High Speed Cleaner and Restorer

    If you want that gloss to really POP before an important game, this is the product you need!

    • Restores floors to like-new gloss
    • Raises the slip co-efficient
    • Removes embedded soil
    • Repairs scuffs, scratches and dull spots
    • Eliminates powdering

    Below is a video on how to apply Sport Kote PC.

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