Your wood floor prep, application and maintenance
will be a shut-out with these GAME-CHANGERS.

The competition doesn’t stand a chance against this TEAM of products.

Sport Kote PC – 128SF

Water-Based Urethane Wood Finish


This TOP PICK is known for its fast dry time. All you need is:

  • 2 people
  • 5 hours (for 2 coats)
  • And, play on it the next day!

Polycarbonate technology takes this product to the next level with big gains in:

  • Scratch and scuff resistance
  • Durability
  • Depth of gloss
  • Gloss longevity

Citrus Scrub ‘N Shine – 525FR

High Speed Cleaner and Restorer


If you want that gloss to really POP before an important game, this is the product you need!

  • Restores floors to like-new gloss
  • Raises the slip co-efficient
  • Removes embedded soil
  • Repairs scuffs, scratches and dull spots
  • Eliminates powdering

Blue Concentrate – 2085FC

Heavy-Duty, No-Rinse Cleaner


Blue Concentrate is our secret weapon in defense.

  • Mild pH – great for cleaning heavily soiled finished floors
  • Use as a rinse after wood floor prep
  • Makes a great after-strip neutralizer
  • Use as a deep scrub prior to recoating

“We are very pleased with the appearance of the floor. The gloss is very high and has a deep look to it. We couldn’t believe how fast we were back on the court playing basketball.”

Michael H.
Superintendent – Texas High School

To learn more about applying Sport Kote PC, watch the video below.

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