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The Nano Difference...

X-Coat Nano™ - 88FF
X-Coat Nano™ HS - 89FF

Extreme Performance Coatings

X-Coat Nano incorporates our patented nano-zinc technology for more thorough and denser cross-linking of the finish.

  • Nano-zinc cross-linking provides superior: lay-down gloss, mark resistance, gloss build, soil resistance, durability and dry and recoat times.
  • Ammonia-free for dramatically reduced odor.
  • Ideal for limited maintenance programs, yet responds to daily burnishing, if desired.
  • Low emissions formula – meets California’s new 1% VOC Regulation.
  • Coverage – up to 3,000 square feet
  • Fast-drying – 20 minutes under normal conditions.
  • Slip-resistant – UL-classified.

"Essential's Nano is the ultimate floor finish and has made all other products pale in comparison. The dry-time in between coats is second to none; the shine makes you feel as if you are on a skating rink."

Matthew Crawley
Provost Building Services, Inc.
Golden Valley, MN

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