X-Coat Nano is more than ultra high gloss

(It's time and labor savings, too!)

  • Nano’s 15-20 minute dry time saves time between recoats and gets your crew off the floor faster and on to other necessary tasks.
  • The patented nano-zinc cross-linking produces enhanced durability and powerful mark and soil resistance that allows for extended strip cycles.
  • X-Coat Nano is ideal for limited maintenance programs. It has excellent reparability and responds well to burnishing.
  • A quick burnish with Citrus Scrub ‘N Shine will restore your floor’s gloss to like-new while raising the slip co-efficient for increased safety.

More Time and Labor Savings with Nano System Products...

X-Coat™ Nano - 88FF

Extreme Performance coating that is highly resistant to soil and heel marks and will significantly extend your maintenance cycle.

X-Coat™ Nano HS - 89FF

A high solids formulation for extreme durability, gloss and soil resistance.

Blue Concentrate - 4085FC

Eliminates the need for multiple rinses and ensures the best clean the first time.

Citrus Scrub 'N Shine - 525FR

Restores the floor to a like-new gloss while raising the slip co-efficient.


“Essential’s Nano is the ultimate floor finish and has made all other products pale in comparison. The dry-time in between coats is second to none; the shine makes you feel as if you are on a skating rink.”

Matthew Crawley
Provost Building Services, Inc.
Golden Valley, MN

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